Weight Management and HM

Ken's story illustrates another often-noticed benefit of drinking heagonal water -- weight loss.

Being fully hydrated is a prerequisite for weight loss.  When the body is in a state of crisis, (dehydrated) it cannot let go of fat.  The only way to convince the body to metabolize fat is to eliminate the crisis so that the body feels safe in letting go of unnecessary calories.  Hexagonal water may be the most critical component of any natural and permanent weight loss program.

There are several facets to the hexagonal water-weight interaction.

1.  Cells that are continually depleted of the hydroelectric energy supplied by water have to depend on energy from food.  This is why hunger and thirst are often confused.  It is also the reason that overweight individuals are usually more dehydrated.  Hexagonal water can provide the energetic equivalent of food, helping to reduce caloric intake.  

2.  Lack of water causes an increase in fat deposits for several reasons.  When water is limited, excess wastes are unable to be flushed from the body.  Although the number of fat cells in the body appears to be constant, fat cells continue to expand;  they are used as repositories for the excess wastes and toxins that cannot be eliminated from the body.

3.  When the kidneys do not have enough water, they must rely on the liver to help with the removal of wastes.  Since the liver is responsible for the metabollism of fats, inadequate water forces fats to be stored while the liver helps with the removal of wastes.

Accordint to Christy, hexagonal water not only helped her to lose weight, but it also seemed to awaken a consciousness about her body.  She naturally changed other things in her lifestyle that contributed to better health:

...After about a month on the water, we (my husband and I) were both noticing results.  

First, we slept more soundly and we both felt more refreshed in the morning.  

Second, we found we were drinking more water -- without trying.  

(For someone who used to have to force four glasses of water down every day -- that's saying something!)  

It was as if our bodies made us more alert to the need.  Third, we found that our bowel movements were regular again.  

Lastly, we can honestly say that we feel younger,  We were truly amazed, because we are not unhealthy people.  

Then my daughter pointed out that the skin on my hands no longer stayed up when she pinched it, but flattened out quickly.  

What surpised me the most was an inner desire to start doing "right" by my body.  

I changed my eating habits and started on raw foods, nuts and grains...and I LOVE IT!  After six months, I have lost 30 pounds!

Christy G. -- New York


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