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*The Zapper Digital Professional V2 is an electronic device producing an adjustable frequency of 000.01Khz - 999.99Khz @ 17 volts DC which is the most successful bandwidth for eliminating bacteria and parasites. The machine is easy to use, only takes a minute or two to program once you know how and we are available for support by either phone or email should you have any questions.  They come with everything you need.  Straps, extra straps, leads, extra leads, power that will work in any country, instruction/frequency manual and case and USB Flash Drive with Language translations for the Instruction manual.

The pulsing action of the positive terminal sends an electronic 'wave' through the body, which eliminates all parasites, bacteria, amoeba and viruses that live within this 1,000,000hz band.

This positive current detaches the negatively charged bacteria from their electro-magnetic adhesion in the body, so that the immune system can fight them.

The frequencies can be programmed in according to the particular illness you are working with.


Dr Hulda Clark was the original designer of the Zapper for the general public; however Dr Clark personally only used a million band frequency generator for clinic work, the lower powered machine she would show people how to build so that they could go home with a machine.  At the time you couldn't buy a frequency generator for less then $15,000.00. This is why we only sell the frequency generator type model Dr Clark used herself, rather than the less expensive lower powered zapper.  

Do you think Dr Clark could write 7 books, and record the frequencies of 350 parasites and bacteria with a battery zapper?  Not possible.  This is why we bring you the original Dr Clark Frequency Generator in the form of Zapper Digital Professional.

The New Professionals are in 3 Languages actually on the screen:  English, Spanish, Japanese.  The new machines also come with a USB drive that will have many different translations for the Instruction Manual.  You can also see this on the BLOG here is that PAGE

The New Pro series are switchable, 17v, 14.5v, 12.5v, so any sensitivity issues can be resolved by switching down the Voltage.  With tests we find that we can use the new Rife Healing mat, without a T-shirt with the setting switched down to 14.5v or 12.5v.  If you feel sensitivity at the 14.5v drop it down to the 12.5v.  You shouldn't have any sensitivity at that level, but if you do, go back up to more voltage and use a thin T-shirt, pants, or put it under a thin bed sheet while sleeping with it.

The Professional has 25 Groups.  Groups 21 - 25  are Empty, so you can add your own groups there instead of deleting the preset groups.  Just makes things neater.  So when you want to change to another frequency set you can just choose your group.

We have the Frequency list translations on our BLOG,    Also with the machine there will be a USB drive that will have additional language translations for the instruction manuals.  This too is available on the BLOG and here is that PAGE.

You can also access the English frequency list on the BLOG by clicking on FREQUENCY REFERENCE INDEX at the top of the page and scroll down just a little.

The machines are programmable.  Also come with default frequencies and have the Pulse SWEEP, Super SWEEP, Convergence SWEEP functions in addition to the SWEEP, RUN, & Pulse RUN Functions.

They come with a Frequency/instruction manual and everything you need.  The machines are simple to use and we are available by phone or email should you have any questions or need any support.

The Rife Healing Mat will connect to the machine.  It can be placed over a particular part of the body, you can place your bare feet on it, or you can lie on it in addition to being able to wrap it around a sore leg muscle.  The mat can also be placed under a thin bed sheet and you can sleep with that all night long.  It connects to the machine so nothing is connected to you.  Nothing to intrrupt your sleep.

This latest upgrad has Velcro on the ends so you can wrap it around your body and have it hold in place with the Velco.

And with the Zapper Professional V2 you can drop the voltage down to 14.5v and if you still you feel some senasitivity to that drow it down to 12.5v.  You shouldn't feel any sensitivity at that voltage, but if you do use it with a thin materal between you and the mat at the 17v level.

The mat is also great for kids and pets.  If you need to wrap it around an arm, leg, head, neck, etc., you may want to use the   Rife Healing Belt - This also acts as an extender to the Rife Healing Mat to increase it's size.

The Rife Healing Mat connects to the Zapper. This allows to target more directly a paticular body part.  Also good for kids and pets.

You can also place it under a thin fitted bed sheet and sleep with it all night long.  It connects to the machine, nothing is connected to you.


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