Cure For HIV and AIDS, by Dr. Hulda Clark

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from the book:

Cure, not treatment, is the subject of this book.  In 1991 Dr. Clark discovered the source of HIV.  Once the source became clear the cure became obvious. but would it work? After curing 53 cases in a row, all who used this method, Dr. Clark could wait no longer to present these findings. Since that time many more have been cured, too many to be added to this book. Most important is adding yourself to that list! Electricity can now be used to kill bacteria, viruses and parasites in minutes, not days or weeks as antibiotics require. If you have been suffering from HIV infection or AIDS related illness, learn to build the electronic device that will stop it immediately. It is safe and without side effects ad does not interfere with any treatment you are now on. 

Much has been written by readers about this book, both positive and by one or two naysayers. I'd like to add an anecdotal experience to help you decide what to believe...... In February of 1996, the man I was dating unexpectedly broke up with me.  Let's call him Bruce in this review.  In August he called to tell me that he needed to impart some important information and could I meet with him for dinner? The moment I saw him I knew he was very sick. His skin was laced with excema, and his features were fallen. He was skin and bones. His eyes looked tired and peered out of deep, dark-ringed hollows.  He was listless, and with no appetite, had trouble walking and could not climb stairs unassisted. He confirmed my worst suspicions, by letting me know that after more than 10 years without an HIV test, he'd finally gotten tested and turned up not just with HIV but with full blown AIDS, with a T-cell count of 16, well under the AIDS threshhold of 200, and an off-the-charts viral count (too numerous to count). His weight had dropped from over 200 to 135, he was nonresponsive to the drugs his physician was giving him, and he was diagnosed as too advanced an AIDS case to be given any chance of survival.  In other words, his doctor had told him to expect to be dead within six weeks. The next day, the miracle happened: By chance, I saw Dr. Clarks book with its bold headline "The Cure for HIV and AIDS" in a health food store, and took it home without any real expectation.  I was blown away by its revelations, and called Bruce the same day. I won't go into details here on the contents of the book..... several reader reviews ably summarize the precepts it contains.  Bruce was enthusiastic about trying the treatment, and called his physician for permission. The physician's reply was: "Go ahead.. there's nothing more I can do for you.  It won't do you any harm." It was agreed that Bruce would do the Clark treatment and continue with his drugs at the same time. I was back at Bruce's house with the herbs the same day. From that point on, I called Bruce every day to remind him to take the herbs. You see, advanced AIDS, in addition to destroying the human body, has a detrimental effect on a person's mind, and in Bruce's case his short-term memory had diminished.  He faithfully took the herbs, and within a week his appetite had returned. Within two weeks his T-cell count came back at 46, and his eyes had started to clear up. He was able to walk and no longer required assistance on stairs. Within a month his weight was at 150 pounds and his T-cells at over 80. At the end of the first six weeks, far from being dead, he felt great. Within two months, his T-cells were at 300+, and his weight was at over 170 pounds. He looked healthy, his memory had started to improve, he was eating well.  His physician was actually nervous about seeing him.  Why was this person still alive when he was supposed to be dead? Three months after the beginning of the program, Bruce's physician asked him in for an examination, and presented him to a group of scholarly Harvard Medical School professors. None of them could figure out why this unpredictable patient refused to die and instead kept getting better. When Bruce started to tell them about the herbs, they told him to be quiet. The conference ended with the conclusion that Bruce's body, after 6 months of not responding to drug treatment had somehow spontaneously decided to respond and get well.. proof of the inherent efficacy and goodness of the drugs he'd been given. The official verdict was labeled "spontaneous remission."  Today, nearly nine years later, Bruce is alive and well and professionally active in a job whose stress level and physical and emotional requirements would not be tolerable to a person in poor health. Since then, several other of my friends have used Dr. Clark's system with less dramatic, but no less positive results. I have also suggested the treatment to people with diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. The effects have been equally good. To date, my biggest frustration involving Dr. Clark's treatment is not it's efficacy, but the number of patients who hear about it, and refuse to believe that it could work for them, and therefore never try it. Since the day Bruce was saved, hardly one AIDS patient in twenty has been willing to even read the book. If this review can succeed in persuading but one person to place his trust in Dr. Clark, then I'll be well satisfied.

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