Cure For All Cancers, by Dr. Hulda Clark

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Others Recovered from all kinds of cancer. You can too! Step by step instructions. The startling new theory and you can affect your own healing.  It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have or your prognosis! You will be well again!”

“You Can Even Test Yourself and discover what helps you the most. Thirty – five dollars worth of simple electronic parts provide clues that millions of dollars worth of radiation equipment can not.”
This book provides exact instruction over 100 case histories of the persons cured. Regardless of what kind of cancer, liver cancer, kidney, ovarian, prostate, this book will show you the cure. You don't have to stop with your own doctor you can use these methods along with traditional medicine. Dr. Clark has discovered the true cause of cancer, the solution then is just a the correct process and time.

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