Mental Clarity and Hexagonal Water

Brain functions require electrical activity which is supplied by water.  Perhaps this is why the brain has such a high concentration of water.  Even though the brain is a comparatively small part of the body, it is allocated 20% of the total blood supply, supplying water, oxygen, and other nutrients to the brain on a priority basis.

Since water movement creates hydroelectric energy, the supply of free water to the brain is essential on a regular basis.  When it is not continually available, thinking becomes difficult.  Anyone who experiences brain fog or the inability to concentrate, can benefit (often immediately) from hexagonal water.  Dr. David Stokesbary, an orthopedic surgeon and head of the Advanced Magnetic Research Institute in California, comments on this and other benefits of drinking hexagonal water:

Anything that encourages this kind of detoxification is capable of playing a huge role in generating

cellular energy.  Cellular water movement is critical for adequate absorption of nutrients;  

also for the elimination of metabolic waste products.  Those who drink this water are benefiting

in both ways.  With better nourishment and more effective waste removal, every process in the

body will happen more efficiently.  This efficiency accounts for the greater levels of energy which

are often experienced.  It also accounts for improvements in mental clarity and the heightened

sense of well-being so often experienced.  

And of course, it supports the healing environment. © 2013