Joint Pain and Hexagonal Water

When an old door becomes stiff and creaky, we know it is time to oil the hinges.  In order to open the door more freely, we have to remove the debris and lubricate the hinge.  The joints in our bodies are no differnent.  Cartilage surrounds and protects the bones in our joints.  It is like thick jello and it is mostly water.  When there is enough water in the body, joints are lubricated and glide smoothly. However, when cartilage dries out there is friction and greater abrasion as joints move.

Because of the constant shearing forces, Carilage cells must be replaced more often than other tissues in the body.  Without adequate water, cartilage breakdown occurs rapidly and new cell development is restricted.  Besides the more radid breakdown of cartlidge too little water limits the body's ability to flush acidic wastes which settle in the joints. 

How do we remove the debris and lubricate the joints in our bodies?  Once again, the answer is water.  Hexagonal water often provides a reduction in joint pain and increased mobility for those with arthritis and other joint problems.  In a short period of time, Betty noticed considerable improvement in her ability to stand and walk:

Before I discovered hexagonal water, the arthritis in my knees had gotten so bad that I

rearely did any walking.  Getting up from a chair was difficult unless I had assistance.  

I could not stand and talk to people -- I had to sit down.  Within several weeks after I

began to drink hexagonal water, the pain in my knees was noticeably reduced.  Eight

months later I was able to walk up and down the stadium stairs at a graduation ceremony.  

Within a year, I went to a state fair and walked through all eight buildings -- with no pain at all.


I have been drinking this wonderful water for four years and at the age of 81,

I still experience very little (if any) pain in my knees.

Betty E.  -- California © 2013