Quick Kidney Cleanse 520mg (125ct)

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• Comes with easy to follow directions

• Powerful synergistic system

• Naturally detoxes and renews

• Helps maintain proper kidney function

• Increases urine flow

• Nurtures your kidneys

Product Description

This is a 13-day long cleanse. The Dr. Clark Quick Kidney

Cleanse consists of a group of herbs and nutraceuticals that

work in a synergistic manner for optimal cleansing.

All products in this cleanse are made in accordance with

both cGMP and Dr. Hulda Clark’s protocols.


Why Cleanse Your Kidneys?
 We live in a toxic world.

It's unfortunate but true. Every day harmful chemicals

such as Malathion, butyl acetate, livestock hormones and

nitrous oxide are polluting our bodies. And that's just a start.

Picture a car filter that hasn't been changed in three years.

Imagine the gunk! Now imagine a filter that processes

50 gallons of blood and extra water every day. That's your

kidneys.  If your kidneys did not remove these wastes,

toxins would build up in the blood and damage your body.

In this toxic world, it is easy for your kidneys to become

overwhelmed and weakened due to exposure to common

pollutants and invasive microorganisms. Kidney stones, an accumulation of mineral salt,

can lodge anywhere in theurinary tract and kidneys, preventing a natural flow.


How Do the Kidneys Work?
Your kidneys are bean-shaped

organs, each about the size of your fist. They are located

near the middle of your back, just below the rib cage. The

kidneys are sophisticated processing machines. Since the

kidneys are essentially filters, it makes good sense to clean

these filters with a periodic kidney cleanse. A proper diet,

as well as a periodic kidney cleanse, is essential to the health

of the kidneys. Unlike the liver, the kidneys do not regenerate themselves.


The Dr. Clark Quick Kidney Cleanse helps lighten the load

on your kidneys through a synergistic blend of herbs,

vitamins and minerals traditionally used to cleanse and

nurture the kidneys. The Dr. Clark Quick Kidney Cleanse

helps to support your body’s ability to maintain proper

functioning of your kidneys.


Get the benefits of the Dr. Clark Kidney Cleanse without

the hassle of portioning out multiple supplements. The Dr.

Clark Quick Kidney Cleanse comes in handy for those

traveling—all the cleanse ingredients come in one

capsule—and for those who prefer the convenience of an

easy cleanse over the more in depth cleanse that

Dr. Clark’s Original Cleanses offer. You can, for example,

augment an Original Cleanse with a Quick Cleanse

while you are traveling.


Product Benefit

The Dr. Clark Quick Kidney Cleanse contains a synergistic

blend of five natural herbs: Hydrangea Root, Marshmallow

Root, Gravel Root, Ginger Root, and Uva Ursi. These carefully

selected herbs provide a natural cleansing action. By

combining several different complementary herbs we

greatly enhance each ingredient's effectiveness. This

ensures that you receive all the health benefits you expect

and deserve. This cleanse also contains Vitamin B6 and

Magnesium Oxide to help you maintain healthy kidneys,

and Air-dried Parsley to help flush out toxins by increasing

urine flow.


To get the greatest possible benefits from our cleanses

please consider the following carefully:


Stay on the Para Cleanse Weekly Maintenance

Program for a minimum of 4 weeks to a year. The

benefits are cumulative as the Maintenance Program

continues to minimize the effect microorganisms have

due to continuous re-exposure. Dr. Clark believed that

in order to gain 100% of the benefit of the cleanse, it was

best to stay on the Maintenance dose indefinitely. This helps

free up your body’s energy for issues that need attention

rather than relentlessly fighting microorganisms.



The Dr. Clark Digestive Aid & Colon Cleanse works

synergistically with the Para Cleanse. For even better

results take those two programs over the same time period.

You will gain on two fronts at the same time; while the

Para Cleanse will balance foreign organisms systemically

throughout your body the Digestive Aid & Colon Cleanse

will optimize your digestion in both your stomach and



The Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse and Flush further

helps digestion by enhancing the liver’s bile production that

in turn helps you digest fat. For best results take the

Dr. Clark Quick Liver Cleanse daily.


Finally don’t let your kidneys go it alone! Remember

that your healthy kidneys can benefit from the

Dr. Clark Kidney Cleanse and regular daily dosing of

Dr. Clark Quick Kidney Cleanse.


These statements have not been evaluated by the

Food and Drug Administration. This product is not

intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any



Safety Information
As with any dietary or herbal

supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner

of the use of this product. If you have ulcers, gallstones or

are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should

consult your health care provider prior to taking this product.


Interaction with Medication and Other Supplements

If you are taking medications, you should check with your

physician or pharmacist prior to using our products. You can

also get drug interaction information from one of the many

sites on the Internet. Search for: Interaction with Medications,



Note Regarding Children 
Please do personal research

and consult with your health care professional before giving

any herbs to children. The educational directions enclosed

suggest a much lower quantity for children than for adults.

It is important to read accompanying literature prior to

using this product. 
The use of this herbal supplement is a

traditional nutritional use that is not intended to be prescribed

for, or to treat any disease, and does not claim to cure any



Consult with Your Healthcare Professional
Please do not

use the directions as a substitute for the advice of your

health care professional. We are not responsible or liable for

any actions or diagnosis made by you based on the instructions.

We encourage you to consult with your health care

professional, do personal research, and check all our

ingredients against a reference book before consuming

this product.




Ginger Root 

Magnesium Oxide

Uva Ursi 

Freeze-Dried Parsley 

Vitamin B6

Other Ingredients

Gelatin Capsules

Contains:520 mg - 125 ct

Suggested Use
Follow the directions on the bottle.

Detox - Cleanse - Rebuild

Dr. Clark Cleanse helps lighten the load on you kidneys

through a synergistic blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals

traditionally used to cleanse and nurture the kidneys.

Dr. Clark Kidney Cleanse helps to support your body's

ability to maintain proper functioning of your kidneys.

Natural ingredients traditionally used to balance

microorganisms. Free of tablet binders, coatings,

colorings, flow agents, expedients and fillers. No Corn,

yeast, dairy or wheat.

Store at room temperature.

Keep out of reach of children

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