3 in 1 Dr. Clark Digestive Aid, Para, and Kidney Cleanse Kit (17 items)

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Kit Items (17 total Items)

Dietary Supplements

1  Cascara Sagrada, 425mg 100ct 

2  Turmeric, 500mg 100ct 

1  Fennel Seed, 450mg 100ct 

1  Betaine HCL, 425mg 100ct 

1  Citric Acid caps , 590mg 100ct

1  Super Wormwood, 365m, 100ct

1  Hydrangea/Marshmallow/Gravelroot, 1/2cup each 

1  Cloves - Freshly Ground 500mg, 100ct 

1  Black Walnut Hull Tincture Extra Strength, 2 fl oz 

2  Black Cherry Concentrate, 8 oz

1  PP Uva Ursi, 500mg 63ct

1  PP Ginger Root, 500mg 63ct

1  PP Freeze Dried Parsley, 385mg 42ct

1  PP Vitamin B6, 230mg 21ct

1  Magnesium Oxide, 300mg 21ct
17 Total Items

The Kidney Cleanse Kit is so essential for health that we encourage everyone to drink it every day throughout the year – not only as a seasonal cleanse. To make it easy for you to take, and avoid re-heating it every 3 days simply freeze it in the 16oz HDPE jars.

You can augment the kidney cleanse with the Quick Cleanse Caps! If you want the convenience of taking most of the items in one capsule then order the Quick Kidney Cleanse.

About our Capsules:

We take great care in manufacturing products that do not contain excipients, like flow agents, coatings, colorings, binders, and release agents that other manufacturers list under Other Ingredients, as:

  1. Silica
  2. Stearate
  3. Maltodextrin
  4. Tocopherols
  5. Derivatives from soy
  6. and more

For this reason our capsules may not have a uniform look and may not be completely full.  Please rest assured that your capsule weight is as stated on the label, we pay close and systematic attention to weight, purity and the potency of our capsules.  Our number one goal is PURITY and POTENCY, not LOOKS.

It takes an abundance of patience and care to encapsulate powders without flow agents. As a result, we often run our machines at 10% of full speed in order to get the job done.  Again PURITY is our #1 goal, not saving on production COST.


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