High Cholesterol and Hexagonal Water

Cholesterol is a naturally produced, waxy substance that is found throughout the body.  It is a functional part of cell walls and a building block in the production of various hormones and Vitamin D.  While the build-up of cholesterol in arteries can be harmful, mounting evidence suggests that cholesterol is the body's solution to a bigger problem - dehydration.

It was Dr. Batmanghelidj who exposed the relationship of dehydration to cholesterol.  His attention to the water mechanisms of the body has shown that it is dehydration that causes the build-up of cholesterol in arteries and cell tissue - not the cholesterol from foods.  

When Water is being rationed, cells deposit cholesterol in the lipid bi-layer of their membranes to protect the cell from water loss.  This appears to be a natural consequence the aging - perhaps because the thirst mechanism declines with age and elderly people tend to drink less water.

But why does cholesterol build up in our arteries?  According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, this is a consequence of concentrated (thick) blood which results from the digestion of food when too little water is available.  Concentrated, acidic blood not only triggers the production of cholesterol, it also causes microscopic abrasions in the lining of arteries.  Cholesterol covers these abrasions in an effort to repair the damage.  Unless water intake is increased, elevated levels of cholesterol continue to circulate in the blood, adding to the build-up in arteries and cell membranes -- all because of dehydration.

The good news is that cholesterol build-up can be reversed.  With an increase in water and improved water turnover, the blood is naturally thinned, high blood cholesterol is no longer necessary, and reduced cholesterol levels are found in the blood.  In time, cholesterol build-up in the arteries can literally be washed away.  The reduction of blood cholesterol levels is illustrated in the following account:

Several years ago, I began to have chest pains.  Though my situation was not life threatening, I was told that my cholesterol levels were very high.  Ever since then I have struggled to get my cholesterol down.  It has been as high as 245, and the lowest it had ever been was 221.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to hexagonal water and I began to drink it. The results were amazing.  After only six weeks, I returned to my doctor for more blood tests and was told that my cholesterol was 182 -- the lowest in seven years!  What five years, three types of medication, and hundreds of dollars in expenses could not accomplish, drinking hexagonal water had done.  Now, after a year on the water, my cholesterol is still low.  

I appreciate the extra boost of energy that hexagonal water gives me and I love the taste.  Everyone in the family notices the difference when we have to drink bottled water. 

Luis A. -- Texas

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