Fatigue and Hexagonal Water

Water provides energy for every system in the body.  This refers to the water we dirnk -- not the water that is already tied up in other functions  Adequate and regular water intake insures that water is constantly turning the hydroelectric pumps at every cell membrane carrying nutrients and removing wastes on a continual basis.

Hexagonal water provides abundant, clean energy.  Since hexagonal water apperas to move more efficiently because of its structure, it is able to provide more energy for cellular functions; all it needs to do is "move" through the cells.  Hexagonal water provides noticeable energy for many, especially when they first begin to drink the water.  According to Kurt, hexagonal water challenges even the best "pick-me-up" drinks on the market:

At the time I started drinking hexagonal water, I was spending $300.00 a month on vitamins.  

For me, hexagonal water has had a much more profound effect on my energy than those

$300.00 worth of vitamins ever did!  I keep a gallon jug of water at the office and I probably

drink a half gallon throughout the day.  I've quit drinking diet sodas, and I no longer need

my 2:00 p.m. Red Bull drink.

Kurt C. -- Texas

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