Edema and Hexagonal Water

Sometimes individuals who are trying to lose weight experience water retention (edema).  Water retention is responsible for additional weight and a puffy appearance.  This is most often the result of toxins in the body and not enough water to remove them.  Diuretics cannot solve the problem because it is caused by dehydration.  

Edema is an excessive amount of water held in the interstitial (outside the cells) tissues of the body.  It is a crisis management state where the body holds onto salt in order to maintain water -- even though that water cannot move into the cells where it is needed.  (The sodium in salt controls the amount of water outside/between cells.)  In cases of dehydration, people often have cravings for salty food to help retain as much water as possible.

One of the things that often happens when hexagonal water is consumed is a loss of retained water -- and weight.  The first thing many people notice is more frequent urination.  As hexagonal water hydrates the cells, less efficient water is moved out of the body, carrying excess salt and toxins with it.  Swelling and puffinness then disappear, as illustrated by the following example.

When I first began to drink hexagonal water, I was having trouble with a lot of swelling in my legs.  

Within two weeks, it was gone and I noticed that my circulation seemed to be much better.  

I also began to notice how much more energy I had.  I actually felt like doing my work!


This water has also helped with my cholesterol.  I remember going to the doctor about

two months after I began to drink the water.  My cholesterol had gone down from

250 to 195  and it has stayed down for the last nine months -- ever since I began to drink

hexagonal water.  Even my doctor told me to keep drinking this water!

Jeanette H. -- Texas

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