Dry Skin, Acne, and Premature Wrinkles

The skin is the largest detoxification organ in the human body.  It requires a continual supply of water as evaporation and perspiration continually pull water through the skin to eliminate wastes and cleanse the tissues.  Water keeps the skin plump and smooth.  Without adequate hydration, wastes build up, causing acne and other skin problems.

Because the skin is a reflection of the inner body, it is often the most obvious indicator of dehydration.  Dry, flaky skin is a sign that the water level in the body is inadequate.  Further symptoms, such as acne and premature wrinkles, are sure signals that the body lacks sufficient water.

One of the most frequently noticed benefits of drinking hexagonal water is a rapid improvement in the condition of the skin.  Many notice softer skin within days.  Because of its ability to move with greater ease into the cellular components of the body, hexagonal water can often do more for the skin than lotions and creams, which clog pores and hinder the cleansing process.  Susan experienced marked differences in the condition of her skin in just a few weeks.

This “living water” has also made remarkable improvements to my skin – not just on the face, but on the body too.  I have had problems with my skin all my life, but in just six weeks my adult acne has cleared up – and is completely gone.  The hydration is amazing which has resulted in fewer wrinkles and a very healthy glow.  My hair and nails are growing faster and appear to be much stronger.

When I first began to drink hexagonal water, I noticed a definite detoxification – evidenced by a change in bowel movements.  Then I noticed that my skin seemed to have “plumped up” which resulted in many of the small lines from my face (especially around my eyes and forehead) literally disappearing….

As a person involved in the health and wellness industry for decades and also one who works with harmonic vibration, this is clearly one of the most remarkable products I’ve ever seen.  This six-sided, hexagonal, living water, in my opinion, is going to have a massive impact on the health and well being of the whole world.  This product is in a class all its own!

Susan S. - Canada

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