Constipation and the Vitalizer Plus

The widely accepted statement, "health begins in the colon," might be more accurately modified to read: "health begins with a hydrated colon."  Water is the key.  When the body is forced to remove solid wastes without an adequate supply of water, constipation is the result.  Because the major elimination systems of the body (skin, kidneys and bowels), are critically dependent on water, they are primary indictors of drought.  Like dry skin, constipation and dark urine indicate water shortage.  Hard infrequent, and difficult-to-eliminate bowel movements indicate that the body is rationing water.  

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon and Dr. Gyu Hwan Choi of the Ntional University School of Medicine in Korea conducted a clinical study to determine the effects of heagonal water on constipation.  Their results showed that within four weeks, 75% of patients with chronic constipation had an in increase in bowel frequency.  Their study documented a 40-60% improvement in transit time through the colon, while control subjects (those with regular bowel movements) who also drank hexagonal water showed no change.  This study provides scientific evidence substantiating the often-reported improvement in constipation for those who drink hexadgonal water.  Dan's experience below is not uncommon:

...Several days after I started drinking hexagonal water I experienced definite changes in my elimination patterns.  Now after three months, I have come to accept the fact that three bowel movements a day is normal.

I have experienced several other pleasant results from drinking this structured water.  First of all, I used to have terribly dry skin - especially on my forehead and scalp.  That has disappeared.  No more dandruff and no more flaky patches on my forehead...

I recently left the country and was without hexagonal water for two weeks.  For the first week everthing was fine - but by the end of my trip, the dryness on my forehead and scalp was returning.  I was certainly glad to get back to hexagonal water again - and the dryness went right away.  

Rev. Dan J. - Canada © 2013