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VARIGAMMA – Dr Clark Frequency Generator
Dr Clark Frequency Generator 2011

â— Includes standard and advanced programs.
â— Timing program and the food zappicator selector.
â— Timer function shuts off automatically when program is done..
â— Run Varigamma with pre-programmed health cards.
â— Program your own customized cards.
â— Run cards on the  Varigamma.
â— Produce any frequency between  1Hz and 1MH
â— 25 steps with wobble effect.
â— Make your own homeographic drops for the Syncrometer.
- (Requires purchase of external accessory)
â— Dr Hulda Clark frequencies or Rife frequencies can be inserted.
â— It consists of a base and a module.
â— The base can be used for other vari-units.
â— Exchange only the module in order to have a new Vari-device.
â— 24 Months Guarantee with Dr Clark Stores California USA.
â— 24 Months Guarantee with Dr Clark Stores Europe.
â— Worldwide Shipping to over 70 Countries.

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