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You get 2 of the highest quality silver rods in each package.  This is used with the Dr. Beck Professional Machine.  

Rods will last around 500 cups of silver.  Replacement of Rods are not under warranty as Silver Rods are a consumable product.  Replacements are dependant upon how often the customer uses the Silver Program.  Perhaps 6 months.

The silver is .997 - .999 the purest silver on the planet.

Yes, you can use an eye dropper to put it on an infection on the skin, or just spoon a litte on to the infected area.  You can also soak a bandage tourniquet wrap for an infected area.  The silver is a constant antibiotic when the bandage tourniquet is moist with the Colloidal silver.

Colloidal Silver is one of the best natural antibiotics in the world, with no side affects.  You can use it for any skin disorders, including psoriasis, with fantastic results.

When watching it create the silver we noticed a bit of a cloud forming from one of the rods but not the other.  Colloidal silver is formed correctly in the water at the Alpha frequency, This method produces the most bio-active Colloidal Silver.  Depending on the purity of the water will determine how much of a little cloud you will see forming when making the silver.  In very pure wate, or filtered water you may not see this or not much anyway.



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