Asthma and Hexagonal Water

Normal respiration places a continual and ongoing drain on the available water in the body.  Air sacs in lung tissue must be continually lined with water or they dry out.  During extreme cases of water shorage, the body's airways are constricted to reduce water loss;  this is asthma.  Asthma and many allergies are indicators of dehydration.

One of the reasons children experience the symptoms of asthma more than adults, is that children are continually growing.  Each time a new cell is created, it must be filled with water.  This puts a drain on the water reserves in a child's body.  Children, although they are young and resilient, need water just as much (if not more) than adults and the elderly.

Asthma medications open constricted airways.  They also shut off the body's call for water, ignoring the bigger problem.  In the long run, water is possibly the best medication for asthma and many allergies, as illustrated in the following account.

I just wanted to let you know what a profound effect the hexagonal water has had on my health.

At the time I started drinking hexagonal water, I was experiencing severl medical problems.

My blood sugar was unsettled at about 270, I was taking two, 850mg. tablets of Metformin a day.

When I began to drink hexagonal water, I noticed a difference the very first day.  For a few days

I experienced a cleansing -- then I began to notice other things.  Besides a greater amount of energy, 

the swings in my blood sugar began to level out.  After four months, my doctor reduced the amount

of Metformin™ I was taking -- to only 1 (500mg.) pill a day.  My blood sugar was down to 100!

I was also able to reduce my asthma medication to one pump a day and my blood pressure 

medication was reduced from three pills to one pill a day.  My doctor told me to keep

drinking hexagonal water.


Today, after six months, I returned from the doctor with normal blood sugar and I was

told that I no longer need any medication for diabetes .


Since I began drinking hexagonal water, I have found myself doing things that I have not done

for a long time.   I feel so much better.  My skin is not as dry and it is noticeably softer.

Rhonda R. -- Texas © 2013