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If you are looking to expand your testimonial page I can share one. In October of 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, glioblastoma multiforme. Had a craniotomy that based on a 2nd opinion, they left the tumor and did not cut it out. The oncologist told me I had about 4 months to live on average. However, I opted out of all conventional medical care. No more surgeries, 0 raditiation, 0 chemo, 0 pharmaceutical drugs. I purchased the Rife in 11/15 and used it almost every night by faith. Along with a good ketogenic diet, proper supplements, exercise and meditation. I am a walking miracle. After those first 12 days in the hospital, I never missed a day from work. Didn't get sick in 2016. I live an incredible quality of life.


I wanted to share this with you. My husband has been dealing with horrible psoriasis for many years. He was on all kinds of medication, plus injections, for years. After one month of rifing he is completely free of psoriasis!! The rife machine has been a true miracle for both of us!! My Lyme is in remission and I'm feeling better each day. I can't tell you how many days I wanted to die. I now have my life back and am so grateful for this miracle. We ordered our second rife machine so we could both rife at the same time!!
Thank you for being so helpful. I'm sure we will send you a lot of business!! We are living proof IT WORKS!!
Sincerely, C


I have a cochlear implant and have been using mine with no problem my had eye implant and uses it without problems.


My mother told me she was ready to leave,,, she could
not bare the pain any longer. I had pleaded with her for 3 years,,, because
she had RA in her hands, a sciatic nerve down her right leg and really bad
"non" diabetic neuropathy in both feet.

The sciatic nerve disappeared after 1 month,,, after 2 decades of pain.
The RA is all but gone. Mostly just scared hands remain.
The neuropathy in her feet has been slow,,, but it is still getting better
We just use  a set of 10 for about 3 months on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
,,, then switch to another.

She is back to driving at 82 and has release her home nurse.
She fired her back doctor.  Her arthritis Dr is slowly decreasing and taking her off all of her

The best thing of all this last Christmas she told me life was so good!!!
God bless Dr Rife. I so wish I could tell him in person what he has done for


 I had actually purchased pawpaw leaf tea a couple of years and used it to their dosage then doubled the dosage but it did not seem to work for me. This time I use four heaped dessertspoons full into a large teapot of 4-5 cups of boiling water. It sits there all day and I drink it as and when I can. Their suggested doaage is 1/2 teaspoon per cup of boiling water. I am using heaping dessertspoons - and it must be working. 
 Everything is getting less congested in my abdomen: I can have bowel motions easily (no constant pressure on the rectum: no pain in the anus when defecating.). No pain in the descending colon and the main lymph glands on both lower sides of the abdomen and upper thighs do not hurt at all.  This is in just under two weeks. 
I spoke to a young woman who works for the company - and she mentioned that I could double everything, even the new Immune-Prolong liquid and the capsules. It says on one of their products that there are no side effects from increasing the dosages. It has all been tested in a University in Qld and they now export to 35 countries. I am just so pleased.
With your latest Rife Pro machine, these Pawpaw products and the ;iMRS everything is going well. A few weeks ago I felt that I was coming to the end opf my ability to help myself - apart from going to a Mexican Hospital. 
I am extremely grateful to you for your extra help.


What I like to tell you is that the Rife-zapper has done an unbelievable feat and keeping me in reasonable shape despite being infected with Labyrinthitis !!!  That all at the age of 93 years and 11 months . Still being to function normally , having my drivers license and moving around without problems , but some fatigue , I would say that it is all to be acredited to the latest  Zapper I got from you . 
Understandable that certain circles don't want it to be the case , all for money .
Anyway , if I can , I would like to write a review for you .  Wish you all the best .
Kind regards -  Bert


OMG you have no idea - I went to my kids last day of school today and I would never have been able to do that 3 weeks ago! I am so grateful!!!! Thank you!!



I would like to sincerely thank Hulda Clark, the zapper saved my life.  I have
been meaning to say thanks since 1998 the year I nearly passed, there was no
hope after years and years of tests for everything the doctors gave up
handed me some anti-depressants and told me to go on a holiday I was 35
kilos at the age of 34.  So I threw the drugs they gave me in the bin and
headed to Indonesia, to make a super long story very short, I landed in
Lombock Hospital then Denpasar Hospital fighting for my life, mum and dad
came to collect me only to be told I was too sick to travel in a whealchair
unable to talk by this stage, the captain of the plane bent down and said
'are you going to make it" I had no idea if I was going to but I gave him a
very slight nod looked him in the eyes and prayed, he took me onboard, a
beautiful hostie gave me reiki when I was loosing a grip and they turned down
the cabin pressure.  Chris Russell from the Rainbow Centre in Lismore NSW
Australia gave me a zapper that week I started to talk again, zapping 3
times a day down to once a week 6 months later within a year I was plump and
gorgeous again living breathing I even fell pregnant I was so healthy.  I
often shed a tear of joy in the circumstances leading up to finding the
zapper that saved my life, it could of easily been my funeral had my sister
not found Chris Russell with the knowledge of Hilda Clarks zapper. Thank you
thank you thank you so so very much these words cannot describe how grateful
I am.      Melissa D

I asked Melissa what her health issue was and this was her response:

I had parasites , they infected all of my organs.It took along time to get to the tragic stage of a wheel chair, for years and years I had to eat all the time a lot of food only to keep losing weight, the doctors did years of tests only to come up with nothing.I have a  theory as towards the end of the illness my oxygen levels were outrageous, this was the only outstanding symptom, just like when you have a coldsore you crave chocolate , parasites prefer a high level of oxygen in the blood and so being unaware during my sleep I was mouth breathing ( I have a good understanding of breathing being a Chi Gong teacher, and I swore I was not mouth breathing until a family member monitored me) this I believe was fuel for the fire so to speak.It wasn’t just one parasite but many different ones.To note whilst years of going to the doctors I would always say it feels like something is eating me from the inside, sounds funny I know but looking back from the beginning my instincts were correct.
If my story can help anyone seriously ill with the parasite infections or any of the viruses that infect the body I am very happy to help in any way, using the zapper can be far fetched to get your head around for some people and some only do it for a short time and don’t get results ( if they only persisted so depending how sick the person is it really does take dedication using it everyday for how long each individual needs to. 
Thanks again to Hulda the legend, may her work spread far and wide, do not hesitate in contacting me for anything you may require.
All the best

Melissa D

We have hundreds of testimonials.  We can't list them all, so we will list some of the latest ones.

Testimonail 1

From: Dr R + F## (

Date: Fri, Jul 1, 2013 at 4:28 AM

I have been in touch with you before as you know and talked to you on the phone. I have purchased the professional zapper as you recommended and have had some success with it

I have had one patient with a recurrence of her breast cancer purchase the next grade down from the professional one and is using it at home. She feels it is helping with her cancer recurrence. I was treating an adenocarcinoma patient for sometime and he was also receiving chemo and it seemed from the blood work he had done there was some improvement.

I have a young man with an inoperable brain stem tumor (suspicious of cancer) but my dousing says it is benign.  He is on high doses of steroids now and had one radiation treatment which he says was horrible and will not take another. However he is reluctant to come back again. I was treating him with a photron device but would really like to try the zapper.

My greatest success so far is an extremely obese patient who has severe deep decubitus ulcers greater on the left lower leg than the right and by using the settings for leg ulcers plus 3% H2O2 made from 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide plus ozone we have had great improvement. Not completely healed but much better than 15 years of treatment done by conventional western medicine. If I can get the left leg ulcers completely healed I will try and get some pictures to send to you. Presently I have a friend who has ca. of the prostate and he is considering getting a zapper to try at home.

I believe the regular zapper ULTRA would be best for him at home. What would that cost me if I ordered it for him. His PAS has risen to 25 from about 17 which I personally do not think is too significant. Anyway let me know how much that zapper would cost.

Thanks for keeping in touch. Dr R + F

Testimonail 2

Carol # wrote:

I''m very pleased with my Zapper Digital. I''ve been using the sweep-mode frequencies so far.

Best Regards,


Testimonail 3

From: george # (

Date: Sun, May 8, 2013 at 11:35 AM

george # wrote:

i have one of your zappers IT HAS SUCCESSULLY solved my neuropathic problem in the left hand and two fingers plus thumb i am diabetic and would like info on how to use zapper for diabetic treatment frequency etc

Testimonail 4

From: nathalie # (

Date: Tue, May 3, 2013 at 3:47 PM

nathalie # wrote:

Susan, I just think you re amazing. Thank you to answer me so quickly.

Zapper is giving me every day a little miracle into my life. Every day, I thank Hulda Clark to have spend her entire life researching everything good and wrong within our food, water and environment.  And coming up with Zapper, probably she wasn t god, but surely she was the closest to be a saint. THank you, susan to keep up the good work.  she must have been so proud of you....

My friends also,are amazed by results. Also, I will get French translations books from you when they will come up. One zapper is a present for my brother in France. Best regards,.

Nathalie #

Testimonail 5


Alan # wrote:

I turned 65 in March, 2013 . the short amount of time I have been Zapping I feel much Healthier than I have in years.

Thanks, Alan

Testimonail 6

Stephanie # wrote:

Good morning ,

Last week you were so kind to email my friend, Jeff #, the frequencies to use to treat Morgellons.

I am writing to thank you.  Jeff bought the Zapper from you and has lent it to me to treat my Morgellons and Scabies . . . even prior to his own use. That''s a real friend!

I have been treating Spidier Mite Scabies and Morgellons (both diseases) using a the 3 series of frequencies of Scabies, Mites, and your Morgellons list, on a rotational basis of 2-3 days each.

It felt like I had reached a plateau in killing the Morgellons (M) critters, so Jeff and I decided to go to the mite settings. I''ve been on the mite settings for about 3 days now, and the M critters are drying up. (FYI the M critters live under the skin and also there are several living on top of the skin. There are many varieties of M critters, with its own purpose in their M community.) There are a few remaining that wander about my fingers and hands, back, and the inside bend of my right arm.

M critter behavior has changed since I started using the Zapper Digital. They seemed to sense their doom, as they began more intense attempts to lay eggs in the cuticle area of my middle finger - right hand. Each attempt to lay eggs I noticed the critters were becomming smaller and smaller in size; more immature and less able to repeat more attempts to lay eggs.

Another change in behavior is their congregating in my right arm on the inside bend of the elbow. This is to become their burial ground. Heee heee!

At this time I don''t know if there are any mites remaining in my body, or not. In the past the mites became dormant when the M critters became threatening. I began taking Paraherbs and Candex and that proticol did lessen the M critters - as well as mites, as I could see them in my stool. I'm hoping and expecting the mites will be gone by the time the M critters are all dead.

I would be very honored and pleased to email you a kind testimony to my healing. This email was intended to be a thank you note - prior to a nice, short testimony.

Stephanie #


Nipomo, California

Testimonail 7

Debbie wrote:


I was diagnosed w/ esophageal cancer in Feb...My friend had stage 4 breast cancer many years ago and she used your zapper digital and is cancer free..along w/ the parasite cleanse..

My question to you is..i am about to purchase the zapper..i am now using hers until mine arrives...I also purchased the parasite cleanse and am wondering if your familiar w/ valerie saxion and her parasite cleansing program?

because i bought her "parasite assist" that goes w/ the blk walnut tree hull tinture, wormworm, and clove i wanted to know if i could use that w/ YOUR parasite cleansing? I also bought her organ cleansing detox because i didn''t want to do the 24 hour cleansing w/ the olive that fine to take or do you recommend YOUR recipe for doing the cleansing?

thank you for all your help

Testimonail 9

From: # garinca (

Date: Wed, Mar 2, 2013 at 7:44 AM

Dear Madam got us a package, and we are pleasantly surprised by your professionalism and promptness.

Thank you.

Thank you thank you and advertise everywhere.

We are pleased with the device,

2013/2/24 garinca # (

thank you madam :)

Testimonail 10

From: sapphire #(

Date: Thu, Feb 17, 2013 at 11:35 AM

Testimonail 11

hi there

thanks so much for sending me the extra leads. i really appreciate it. as well as being back up for me, it also means that i can lend the machine to friends if i want, without worrying about them catching my disease. i know it's unlikely that they would from a machine... but i always like to stay on the safe side.

i'm doing really well with my healing. i see a homeopath who works intuitively using a pendulum.  I'm about 85% healed... and heading for full healing. which is remarkable, given the general prognosis for morgellons...

thanks so much for your support

warm wishes


Testimonail 12

From: Andrey # (

Date: Fri, Feb 11, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Thank you so much for the prompt response.  So far, I''m enjoying your product, using almost every day.


Testimonail 13

This is so great thank you.

Testimonail 14

From: # L clark (

Date: Sat, Feb 5, 2013 at 6:09 AM


My daughter has improvements, her weazing and asthma symptoms gone, The last we been using frequencies for cough, seems her cough desapeared .

Thank you.

L. Clark

Testimonail 15

From: Keith # (

Date: Thu, Feb 3, 2013 at 9:10 AM

I have found the most success with the zapper when I do muscle testing and find out what exactly my body needs to be healed.  Some times there are prepatory things I have to do before I can get to what I want to heal too. I have found that there are generally only three frequencies that I need to help triangulate on a certain ailment. The hard part with this is not everyone can do muscle testing... But once I find out which frequencies I need and the time each needs then it is a cynch.  

But I found on ebay where they have a digital muscle tester.


Testimonail 16

From: Mariana L # (

Tue, Feb 1, 2013 at 9:41 AM

Feb 1

Thank you for your prompt (as usual :) very helpful answer !

Sometimes the answers from the book are so simple but thinking in one way only as close the diagnostic is given, just can''t see it (in a synonym word actually).

Otherwise thanks for asking me I am good as you see so busy with life''s things not having any time even to die :)).

Very happy with my new Zapper Digital and lot of self learning about nutrients and alternative medicine.

I feel safe with Zapper and you noble call in helping people as safe I can be having a genuine friend and as God will aloud me :)).

I am going to write soon a testimony at that website you having because this matter mean a lot to me and hope will have a good effect on others in need for encouraging examples.

Thank you and God Bless you !

Mariana L#

Testimonail 17

From: greg

Date: Mon, Jan 27, 2012 at 4:04 PM

Subject: Zappers

Dr. Clark

I am using my Zapper Digital for my Skin Cancer and it is going away, God Bless you Thanks so much.

Now my Wife has been suffering for Diabetes for 10 years (Type 2) blood sugar level from 250 to 400,

she wants her own Zapper if you think it will help, and what are the frequencies.

She also has a friend that wants one, is there still a sale when you buy two??

Your New Friend, Greg #


Testimonail 18

From: ()

Date: Sat, Dec 25, 2012 at 8:24 AM

Subject : Opinion

I've purchased the Zapper Digital MHz about a month or so ago. It works fine. I am using it daily and experimenting with different issues I have. After just a few treatments I got completely rid of a pain I've had in my right side hip and the right leg.  I could not sleep on my right side. This problem is gone after I've had it for about years. I've used Gout settings and run it on all 10 frequencies during the day and night, while asleep.

I''ve also had a case of cold spell and it was gone after one single treatment with setting on Common Cold.

So far so good. I am very satisfied with the unit and believe that it will keep me healthy and of sound mind for many years to come. By the way I am 62. 

Sent by ()

Testimonail 19

Forwarded message

From: Britta(

Date: Tue, Dec 14, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Thanks again for your answers and your help. I want to tell you that my nice is without any symtoms of her Crohn''s sickness for nearly a week now. We are so thankfull and happy.

Can I ask you another question? In general how long time will it take for a brain cancer to disapear if using the zapper?

A friend of our's will be operated very soon.

Kind regards Britta

Testimonail 20

Mail :

Text : Hi:

I purchased the Zapper Digital ULTRA. I think it got rid of my cold, and stopped my wife from getting a cold;

Need to know;

I programmed the common cold frequencies in.

In order to run another sequence of 10 frequencies, must I "zero" the Zapper to factory reset or can I program in another set say of the Diabetes frequencies into the memory bank?



Testimonail 21

date Fri, Jul 15, 2012 at 2:42 AM

Subject Kindly Help!!

Dear Doctor,

Greetings of the day.... I am highly thankful to your support that was provided at your end to my mom , who was diagnosed with brain tumour grade 3 last year.

She has undergone a SPECT test just a few days back which showed zero recurrence.  But since last one month she is undergoing the symptoms of necrosis which is proved in the scans.  She is having issues in memory,  less appetite and issues with her motor skills, as per doctor the swelling will be helped by the steroids and hence she is on that medication. *i have attached our previous mails below* Kindly provide me inputs about how we can prevent any further recurrence in near future and provide immunity and strength to fight necrosis etc.

a) Should i continue papaya leaf therapy? if yes what would be dosage.

b) Should start giving flaxseeds , and gooseberry juice again?

c) Wheatgrass juice?

d) Anything else that can be added / deleted. I have currently stop everything as i was scared if any f these might result in further swelling and needed an expert advice. I will be highly grateful if you could help me for the same.

Thanks for your immense care n support God bless!! Shailajaa

Testimonial 22

I would like people to know, without mentioning my name please……

Because I am now super duper zapped out zandra I can only say that having a Dr Hukda Clarke Frequency Generator ProZapper is believing for oneself what miracles it can perform.  The odd thing is I cant feel what it is doing & I cant see what it is doing but I can FEEL the benefits. 
 I cannot describe to you how good i feel.  I would say that £542.90 invested (and I have been spending around £300 a month on supplements & medications & treatments, most of which I feel that I wont be needing in the future) for a life’s time treatment of any illness that one has or comes along, including colds & flu & thousands of others including cancer is a small price to pay.  The list of frequency sets that comes with the Zapper is so comprehensive & there are diseases that I have never heard of.  It even helps the ‘symptoms’ of Downs Syndrome.
This is truly remarkable technology way ahead of its time or the rest of so called ’medicine’ is so archaic & cruel that I have been blind to the truth which both StarWars & Startrek have revealed. J
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