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Diabetes and Hexagonal Water    Mental Clarity and HW    Fatigue and HW    Asthma and HW     Joint Pain and HW   

Edema and HW        Weight Management and HW       Dry Skin, Acne and Premature Wrinkles    High Blood Pressure and HW

High Cholesterol and Hexagonal Water   Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  Constipation and Hexagonal Water 

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The Vitalizer comes with a Mineral Basket - Hexagonal Water The Ultimate Solution booklet and The Vitalizer Plus Advanced Water Technology booklet

Vitalizer Plus provides the very apex in what water can do for us. The long term health benefits the Vitalizer Plus provides can not be overstated! 

How to Obtain HEALTHFUL Drinking Water

The powerful information laid out below will illustrate why it may not be sufficient to just obtain PURE drinking water. In order to realize the full benefits of water at the cellular level in the body, additional functional water characteristics must be present for optimum benefits. Not only are most naturally occurring water sources polluted these days, but they also do not have the same functional properties as highly “structured water”.

Vitalizer Plus, also Known as the Vitalizer Plus Machine or the new Mini Vitalizer Plus, Hexagonal Structured Water has been developed to allow you to now easily and inexpensively produce both PURE and HEALTHY water in the convenience of your home or office. 

Hexagonal Structured Water Benefits

  • Super cellular hydration and revitalization
  • Increased Oxygenation at the cellular level
  • Enhanced endurance and reduced recovery time from strenuous exercise
  • Activation of enzymes, immune system support and greater metabolic balance
  • Electron-rich free-radical neutralization and cleansing
  • Slightly alkaline pH

How Does The Vitalizer Plus™ Work?

It uses movement! The Vitalizer Plus technology incorporates basic principles utilized in nature, to create a special life-enhancing water your body will love. In nature, this life-enhancing water begins with rain or snow which is naturally energized and if not polluted with atmospheric acids, is often highly structured.

Water naturally forms vortices when flowing around stones and other objects, oxygenates itself in the vortices and by flowing over stones and little water falls, receiving far infrared enhancement from the sun and electromagnetic stimulants from granite type-rocks and the earths natural magnetic field.  Therefore, in the Vitalizer Plusa highly powerful vortex, electromagnetic fields and ceramic materials emitting FIR energy emulate the natural phenomena which create healthy water in nature.

The end result is a super wetting hexagonal structure carrying extra oxygen, energy and ionic minerals deep into the cellular environment in seconds. Scientific research from many studies found in the newly translated book “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key”, Mu Shik John makes a strong, well documented case for the observed presence of Hexagonal Water around healthy cells and organs and five sided or pentagonal water structures around cancer cells and sick organs. (Magnetically produced Hexagonal Water is the most stable according to research, vs. structured water produced by ionizers.)


Oxygen is a powerful element in maintaining vibrant cellular health. Most people think we take oxygen only through the air we breathe. However, foaming oxygen increased by vortex action and magnetized water (as with the Vitalizer Plus) activates the kinetic energy, stimulates the mucous membrane while passing through the stomach, small and large intestines, and promotes blood circulation to the blood vessels.

The oxygen also takes out the toxic gases and wastes in the intestines, providing a clean intestinal environment as well as a clear blood stream.

The additional oxygen existing in the hexagonal water produced by the Vitalizer Plus” can easily be absorbed and will penetrate into the blood within 30 seconds; to the brain tissues and genitals after one minute; to the skin after 10 minutes and to the heart, liver and kidneys after 20 minutes.

The brain accounts for 20-30% of total oxygen consumption in our body. Lack of oxygen to the brain may cause one to be lethargic, have a lower attention span, and over an extended period of hypoxia will certainly lead to dementia and eventually death.

(Please read the important precautionary information at the bottom of this page with respect to the use of the hexagonal water and its potential effect on both mental and physical cleansing activities. The higher level of oxygen in the Vitalized water may result in dramatic increases in memory or mental activity.)

When exposed to a vortex, oxygen can be bonded to water molecules. Such an effect can be observed in mountain streams where millions of small, swirling vortices capture and bond oxygen into the passing water.

In the Vitalizer Plus™, a powerful vortex increases the oxygen content of the water. A 30% increase in dissolved oxygen over even good quality bottled water can be realized as illustrated below. To experience the greatest benefit of this increased oxygenation level, the Vitalizer Plus water should be used within 20 minutes of preparation.


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