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The Rife Healing Mat

The Mat is 46 inches long and 9 1/4 inches wide.

Ordering the machine, mat or belt together will save you some money.  Go to the Rife Machine page or the Hulda Clark Zapper page to see that.

This is an accessory to the Rife and Zapper Professionals, the Rife Ultimate or the Zapper Ultra

This is the 2017 upgrade.  It is made with a more fabric like material so it will be more comfortable to sleep with and or wear.  

You can see more pictures and instructions on our BLOG.  Here is that PAGE just click the link on that page and it will take you to a more detailed description.

The new Dr-Rife Healing mat prototype has been completed.  It is the first and only one of it's kind and we are proud to be able to offer this.  It will be an excellent way to resolve the problem of treating pets, and kids.  Use it overnight or use it while sitting down with your barefeet on the Pad.  Lay it on top of you or wrap it around a sore muscle.  Good way to target a particular body part as well.  If you have any sensitivity, wear a thin T-shirt, very thin socks, or very thin pants.  

With the Rife or Zapper Professional V2, you can adjust the voltage down to 14.5 or 12.5 and use it in direct contact with the skin.  If you have any sensitivy than use it at the 17v setting under a thin bed sheet or with a thin T-shirt, leggigns or thin pants.  
If you have the Rife Ultimate or the Zapper Ultra you will probably still want to use it with a thin material between you and the mat.  These models do not have a voltage adjustment.
This new design will allow you to wrap it around your body.  It will hold in place with Velcro.

You can also place it under your bed sheet.  The sheet must be thin.  Or use a light T-shirt.

 Hook up to the strap leads connected to the machine, red to red, black to black.  

Many people have specific organ pain, leg or arm pain, lower or upper back pain - .... Usually they do not have "head to toe" pain, so the mat can be placed on the area required with the frequencies concentrated over the smaller surface area.  And, of course, it will work with any frequency set not just for pain.

It can be wrapped around to treat a leg injury, or a strain.  The versatility of the mat permits people to use the mat as a localized conductive "sleeve" 

Can the mat be used in place of and/or in conjunction with the straps?

Yes you can combine mats and straps at the same time, i.e., straps on feet and mat on the upper back for example.  With the Pro series you can use both the outputs to run leads to the feet, and the other set to the mat.  
You can also use the Ultimate/Ultra with the splitter to run a combination of footstraps and mat.

Women with breast cancer can now lay face down on the mat, lay it on top of you or wrap it around the chest and hold it in place with it's Velcro.  You don't want to lie on the snaps if exposed you don't want them touching the skin, that can cause an irritation (mat positioned at chest area) and have the frequencies focused at the actual breast site area, without risk of rash or electrical-sensitivity.  






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