Diabetes and Hexagonal Water

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes is referred to as the "thirst disease."  It is typified by increased thirst -- a huge signal from the body.

The brain is 85% water -- its primary source of energy.  But when water is limited, the brain calls for the next available energy source -- sugar.  And since insulin is not required to carry sugar across brain cell membranes, the call for sugar is an easy way for the brain to get needed energy.  Unfortunately, this raaises the level of sugar in the blood throughout the body.  

The activity of insulin itself appears to be governed by water.  According to Dr. Z. Y. Wang, Director of the Cluster Biology Lab at the New Jersy Institute of Technology, "Proper hydration is critical for people with diabetes because water has to be organized around insulin -- for every one insulin molecule, you need 440 water moecules."  Recent clinical studies with diabetic patients showed that the consumption of a hexagonal water product produced a trend towards lower blood sugar levels in just four weeks.  Vanessa's experience is not uncomon for dibetics who consume hexagonal water.

I am diabetic (diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at ten years old).  I have been on insulin 

for 18 years and during that time I have tried a number of things to help reduce the

amount I take.  Several things have helped slightly, but nothing like hexagonal water!  

Over the course of one month, as I monitored my own blood sugar levels

(four times a day), my need for insulin gradually dropped.  I have been able to

reduce the amount of insulin I take  -- by over half!  I used to take

40 units per day, now I consistently require 15 units.  I also used to feel

constantly dehydrated -- even though I drank lots of water.  I was

continually thirsty and nothing would quenchmy thirst.  Hexagonal water

quenches my thirst!  For the first time in a long time, I am not perpetually thirsty.

Vanessa G.  -- California

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