4 Steps To Help You Cure Cancer Naturally Are


(1) Technology -
 Zapping Pathogens at the correct frequencies (Zapper Digital)… Purchase a Frequency Generator, like Zapper Digital MHz  Use this electro-therapy device daily to kill pathogens and cancer cells in the body. Follow the Royal Rife CAFL frequency book for the correct frequencies for the various types of cancer.

(2) ADD - 
Follow a Diet specifically targeting the remission of cancer cells.  
Follow an Anti-Cancer Diet from the list above (e.g. Essiac Tea, Aloe vera, Papaya Leaf)
You will also find other diets in my free Cancer-Treatment book below.  ADD a Cancer therapy diet today.

 Follow a Detox Cleanse to remove toxins and waste from the body
 Do a Detox – Cleanse from the Cleanse menu above (e.g. Liver Cleanse, Bowel Cleanse),  and rid the body of toxic wastes accumulated over years in the organs.

 Take your health into your own hands and get educated. The medical fraternity rely on your ignorance to feed the pharmaceutical drug factories and incompetent Nuclear Radiation and Chemotherapy industries.


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